Project: Barbari – HVAC & Plumbing Tennant Remodel

Project Manager: Mike Heinze

Kraft Field Superintendents: Matt Penttila – Sheetmetal, Joe Hutton – Plumbing.

Location: Egan, MN

Final Construction Cost: $ 21,500

General Contractor: Mission Construction

Architect/Engineer: HGA Architects

Date Completed: February 2023

Kraft reconfigured HVAC and plumbing of the existing 12,000 Square foot tenant space on the 3rd floor of the 860 Grand Oak Business Park building for Barbari’s new training center. Work included ductwork and thermostat renovations impacted by wall layout changes. Plumbing work included upgrading break area plumbing fixtures. Kraft provided design build serves to document and draw the existing ductwork and rebalance the HVAC system.

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