Kraft Mechanical is at St Paul BOMA Excel Energy High Bridge Plant tour today

Kraft Mechanical joined St. Paul BOMA today for a tour of the Xcel Energy High Bridge Plant. The High Bridge is a combined cycle generating facility. A combined cycle plant produces electricity from two sources of energy: 1) Natural gas is used as a fuel in a combustion turbine, similar to a jet engine; 2) Exhaust from the combustion turbine also is used to make steam in a heat recovery steam generator. Both sources of energy drive turbine and electric generators to produce electricity. Integrating combustion and steam turbine technology provides an extremely efficient electricity production process. This plant is part of the Minnesota Metro Emissions Reduction Project (MERP) consisting of a package of proposals to reduce air emissions in the Twin Cities while increasing electrical output. MERP originated out of an emissions reduction bill passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2001.

Eric Mullen is the Operations Manager and he will be giving the tour.

The gate into the High Bridge Plant will be open for guests prior to arrival. If attendees arrive outside of that timeframe, please use the gate speaker and scroll to the “duty phone” and call for entry. Parking is available to the left upon entry near the flag poles.

DATE: Wednesday, April 19th
TIME: 11:30am to 12:45pm
LOCATION: 155 Randolph Avenue, St. Paul

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