Project: Columbia Heights City Hall

Project Manager: Mike Heinze

Kraft Field Superintendents: Mitch Hackl – Pipefitter, Tom Jilk – Sheetmetal

Location: Columbia Heights, MN

Final Construction Cost: $1,163,000

General Contractor: Doran Special Projects, LLC

Architect/Engineer: Leo A Daly

Date Completed: August 2023


Kraft Installed the HVAC System for the relocated Columbia Heights City Hall Building below the new Ratio Apartment complex. This project was a 21,000 SQFT build out below the existing tenants vacant Space. Kraft installed a new boiler system that fed the snowmelt piping for the outside sidewalks. A Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) was installed on the roof and fed air to (31) Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units that individually controlled the new office and community spaces. Other work included installing a Mini Split System for the city IT room.

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