Project: PERA Data Center Cooling Unit Replacement

Project Manager: Mike Heinze

Kraft Field Superintendents: Mitch Hackl – Pipefitter, Scott Wiesner – Sheetmetal, Nathan Haehnel – Electrical

Location: St. Paul, MN

Final Construction Cost: $102,000

General Contractor: Kraft Mechanical

Architect/Engineer: Ericksen Ellison & Associates

Date Completed: October 2023


Kraft Replaced one of two computer room air conditioning units (CRACU) and air cooled condensing units (ACCU) at the Public Employes Retirement Association – PERA Building. Along with new HVAC units work included new refrigeration piping and roof curbs and drain pans. Other work on-site included installing cooling curtains to improve air distribution, and tinting windows to reduce solar impact to the space. Finned tube radiation was removed from the space and relocated below the floor to reduce heat load in the data room. Cap Electric, Kraft’s Sister company, performed the electrical work.

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