Project: SPPS 1930 Como-Kitchen Boiler and Equipment Replacement

Project Manager: Mike Houle

Kraft Field Superintendents: Sam Christianson – Pipefitter

Location: Saint Paul, MN

Final Construction Cost: $750,000

General Contractor: Kraus Anderson Construction

Architect/Engineer: TKDA

Date Completed: October 2020


Kraft Mechanical is at the forefront of sustainable heating solutions, and our latest endeavor at the SPPS 1930 Como-Kitchen stands as a testament to this commitment. We proudly undertook the responsibility of boiler and equipment replacement, ensuring optimal safety and operational efficiency. Our state-of-the-art high-pressure steam boilers, equipped with the latest controls and safety features, were strategically installed. A distinctive feature of this project was the incorporation of our innovative steam condensate return system, emphasizing our dedication to energy conservation and environmental responsibility. Post-installation, rigorous tests were conducted to validate compliance with top-tier safety standards. Kraft’s dedicated team, led by Project Manager Mike Houle and Field Superintendent Sam Christianson, ensured the project’s seamless execution. As we mark the completion of this significant project, Kraft Mechanical continues its legacy of excellence, setting new benchmarks in heating efficiency and sustainability. Celebrate this milestone with us as we continue our journey towards a greener, more efficient future.

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