Successful Structural Repairs and System Shutdown Beneath Minneapolis: A Case Study


Project: Hennepin County Areaway Structural Repair

Project Manager: Mike Heinze

Kraft Field Superintendents: Mike Wamsley – Pipefitter, Sam Christianson – Service Mgr.

Location: Hennepin County, MN

Final Construction Cost: $73,000

General Contractor: lyawe & Associates

Architect/Engineer: TKDA

Date Completed: November 2022


Structural repairs were being made to the areaway tunnel system below South 6th Street in Minneapolis. Kraft performed a critical shutdown of the high-pressure steam system, low pressure condensate, and chilled water system which was fed from the MPLS District Energy Plant. The shutdown affected HCMC Hospital, the Juvenile Detention Center and the MN Coroners & Medical Examiners Building. Kraft coordinated with District Energy and each buildings Facilities Managers to isolate systems properly to prepare for the shutdown. (14) Lock out tag out locks were used to shut down the systems and (3) High performance valves were installed so piping near the ceiling could be temporarily relocated to repair the structure. After the structures were repaired by others. Kraft reinstalled piping and worked with parties involved in bringing systems back online. Kraft’s coordination and safety awareness made this project a success!

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