Project: Hennepin County City Hall 5th Floor Remodel of Prison

Project Manager: Mike Heinze

Kraft Field Superintendents: Mike Wamsley – Pipefitter Jake Prokott – Sheetmetal

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Final Construction Cost: $117,000

General Contractor: Morris Construction, Noor Companies

Architect/Engineer: Vincent James Associates, EDI Dolejs

Date Completed: June 2023


Kraft performed the HVAC work on the 5th floor remodel at the Hennepin County City Hall which included removing a commercial kitchen and converting the space into a training facility for its prison. Work included replacement of (1) Section of Finned Tube Radiation, (3) VAV Boxes, cleaning and replacement of ductwork and grilles registers and diffusers, and reconnecting piping to the existing hydronic system. Kraft also installed over 300’ of Return Air Duct in the attic to serve the new space.

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