PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Butler Square completes a yearlong update

Kraft partnered with McGough Facility Management for the year-long Butler Square Refresh.

The building, built in 1906, was converted in 1974 to a retail-office complex that started the transition of the city’s warehouse district. Artists, immigrant eateries and brave entrepreneurs began moving into cheap space close to downtown towers.

The nine-story brick-and-wood structure, featuring an atrium that extends to the rooftop skylight, boasts walls as thick as 36 inches, and 534,241 square feet — enough space to house several Target stores.

The remodeling highlights its historic features with modern technology that makes for better lighting that also cuts the energy tab at what already was a very efficient building.

Construction began in early 2020, as offices were emptying over COVID-19 stay-home orders.

During that time Kraft Mechanical provided “exceptional service and HVAC work”, says Angela Samargia, Senior Property Manager with McGough Facility Management. Angela went on to add that Kraft Mechanicals contributions to the Butler Square refresh project were appreciated.

Thank you McGough Facility Management for your kind words and putting your trust in us to deliver exceptional service.

Butler Square, a 115-year-old warehouse, was the first in downtown Minneapolis to get turned into an office complex. During the pandemic year, its owner gave it a facelift.  (photo credit Tom Wallace)

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