PROJECT SPOTLIGHT: Lakeland Building

Project: Lakeland Building
Project Manager: Mark Rekowski
Contractor: The Bainey Group

Overview: The Bainey Group came to Kraft Mechanical to discuss working together on the Lakeland Building
project. The Bainey Group felt confident this job would be a great fit because we have worked together on similar projects in the past. They knew they could count on us to help them with the Lakeland Building HVAC system.

Problem: The four-story Lakeland Building did not have an HVAC system installed.

Solutions: Kraft worked directly with the owner to select the best value system for the life of the building. After this step, Kraft installed the custom HVAC system their engineers designed.

Results: Kraft Mechanical installed a full boiler/ tower heat pump plant including all controls and terminal devices.

Summary: Kraft Mechanical was able to help the building ownership select an HVAC system that best met their goals. We installed the proposed system for great comfort and efficiency. The building owner and the Bainey Group were both very happy with the entire process.

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